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[Dubai Airport Show ] Robot Baggage Handlers

Monica Hutchings
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At the 18th Dubai Airport Show from May 7th to 9th this year, Beijing-based Sinocloud Wisdom Technology unveiled its new artificial intelligence-powered check-in and baggage drop-off robot.

The robot uses automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology to avoid obstacles while transporting bags to the baggage handling area. Passengers scan their passports then place their bags in a robot. This means they can check in anywhere within the airport and don’t have to wait in line at a specific counter. If one of the bags is considered suspicious, airport security staff will be alerted and the owner’s details will be on file from when they scanned their passport. This technology is hoped to speed up the check-in process, decrease the workload of check-in staff and provide passengers with better service.

Also at the Airport Show, Sinocloud showcased an Intelligent Check-in Counter with facial recognition technology, advertisement display, automatic obtaining of baggage weighing information and a desk that’s height-adjustable. With these new innovations Sinocloud hopes to meets the demands of the increasing flow of customers at airports and provide them with a more pleasant, optimized experience.

[Dubai Airport Show ] Robot Baggage Handlers

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