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New Matrix 1000: ideal for mould & die makers

Sergio Prior

The name “Matrix 1000” is not new for Breton; originally intended for the mould&die market, it had excellent success over the years. The machine has been completely redesigned to cope with changes in the market.

Some of the ideas that contributed to the success of the previous Matrix 1000 have withstood the test of time, while others have been reviewed and updated.

In fact, although it was designed for mould&die makers, it has been particularly successful also in the aeronautical world.

Some solutions designed for modularity have an impact on costs so the machine concept has been redesigned, keeping the good points of the previous versions, simplifying where possible and ensuring the interchangeability of the accessories such as different choice of milling heads so that the machine can be better used in the aerospace sector.

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New Matrix 1000: ideal for mould & die makers

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