Helitowcart adapts its moving solutions for the Bell 505

Maxime Perron-Caissy

Helitowcart adapts its moving solutions for the Bell 505

Lévis, QC, July 6th 2017 – Helitowcart, well known for its sturdy ground handling equipment, announced today that its popular Heli Carrier solution had been adapted to support the new Bell 505 JetRanger X helicopter. This comes at a very good time as Bell Helicopter Textron Inc. in Mirabel has recently started the delivery of their new flagship helicopter to customers worldwide.

Helitowcart wanted to be ready for the Bell 505. The ground handling specialist knew that supporting the new helicopter would come with its challenges as the landing

gear was quite different from other helicopters out on the field.

The brilliant solutions adapted by Helitowcart are the light duty electric Heli Carrier V910 as well as the hydraulic heavy-duty model, the V1018 which can be used on grass and rough terrain. Both solutions allow to lift the helicopter effortlessly and can be operated by just a single person. The Heli Carrier is already known

for its flexibility, its tight radius turns and its great compatibility with multiple helicopters. The addition of the Bell 505 to the list of compatible helicopters for the Heli Carrier makes it the perfect choice for private owners as well as commercial operators. The Heli Carrier is also available with remote control option.

With four Heli Carrier units already out on the field and being operated with Bell 505’s, the company says the feedback from customers has been fabulous.

Helitowcart is a manufacturing enterprise dedicated to providing helicopter ground handling equipment and helicopter flight accessories to significantly improve daily quality of life for pilots, mechanics and managers.

For additional information please contact Mr. Maxime Perron-Caissy

Contact Name : Maxime Perron-Caissy

Organization : HeliTowCart (by Vanair)

Phone Number : 1-418-561-4512

Email : info@helitowcart.com

Helitowcart adapts its moving solutions for the Bell 505

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