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Reference Sheet TNT Express EuroHub Liège (LGG)

Saco Airport Equipment

Project at TNT Express EuroHub Liège


Liège Airport (LGG)


Project place: 






Start date: 

2007, October


Commissioning date: 

2008, June


System description: 

ULD handling system

Included components: 

20 Airside interfaces (dolly docks) with hydraulic side shift

28 Workstations for building/breaking of ULD's with intergrated weighing system

87 Right angle decks (RAD)

2 Turntables with integrated RAD

2 Hinged roller decks (bridge) with hydraulic lift

4 Truck docks with pop-up ball transfer units winch

Castor deck area for manual ULD manoeuvring


Two-phase delivery, installation, commissioning, training

Control system: 

Overall PLC control system

Katlyn Ciele©IT system for automated control and monitoring of the handling process

TNT Express EuroHub
TNT Express EuroHub

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