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The first solar drone to cross the Atlantic - INTI SOLACE 2018

Alexis Rufenacht

SLIDX announces the launch of its Kickstarter campaign : INTI SOLACE 2018 - The first solar drone to cross the Atlantic powered by solar energy.

The various tsunamis, hurricanes and recent earthquakes that are affecting more and more populations have all deeply affected us by their violence and their steady regularity.

How can we intervene quickly and provide first aid to populations in need where traditional vehicles are no longer efficient?

Our own response: the Inti Solace - The first solar logistics transport drone in the world developed by SLIDX.

That’s why SlidX decided to take up the challenge of crossing the Atlantic with a solar drone of logistics transport from the spring of 2018.

This crossing is made possible thanks to the Inti Solace, equipped with high capacities and intelligent functionalities:

• Great autonomy

• Importante payload

• Increased mobility: vertical take off & landing

• Multiple professional applications

• 100% clean energy: unmanned aircraft powered by solar power

• Smart & solar carrying case

The Inti Solace team chose Kickstarter, a participatory financing platform to raise awareness among the general public and generate funding of Can$ 59,000 in 30 days. The choice of participatory financing is a reflection of our desire to use all the innovations and alternatives of our modern society and thus to contribute together towards the creation and industrialization of the Inti Solace.

For more informations, please find attached press release about this solar project, the link to the Kickstarter campaign & the press kit.

Contact Presse:

Alexis Rufenacht

Tel: +1 (438) 832 2615 /


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