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BenQ Flight Simulation Projectors Series: Compact, Flexible & Reliable

Explore the best features of BenQ simulation projector series: compact size, outstanding performance, installation flexibility, and reliable product and service

Finding the exact right projector for your simulation system can be quite a task with projector size and image alignment as two of the main challenges. More often than not sizely projectors will have to be integrated in limited and unconventional spaces while the seamless alignment and blending of multiple projections could be yet another undertaking. These are exactly the kind of priorities that our engineers have taken into account right from the designing phase of this flight simulation projector series.

-Compact with unequalled power and performance

To provide installation flexibility, we made our simulation projectors as compact as possible without compromising on performance. In fact, thanks to our BlueCore laser technology our compact models often overpower bigger, more sizeable models. Producing razor-sharp images with a quality up to 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 resolution and 8.3 million distinct pixels for each frame, our projectors meet and exceed the industry standard.

-Throw ratio: flexibility second-to-none

On top of an impeccable performance and a smooth installation, we also wanted to provide system integrators with a variety of options. And so, we designed this simulation series to offer a wide and flexible throw ratio range, from short throw models with a 0.81 - 0.89 throw ratio for those usually more confined simulation environments to long throw models with a 1.36 - 2.18 throw ratio which are ideal for larger spaces.

-No restrictions in location or orientation

All projectors are equipped with a wide zoom range and horizontal/vertical lens shift systems, again allowing more freedom in terms of positioning and image projection. The wide range of zoom- and lens-shift systems also significantly facilitates synchronization of multiple projections. Projectors allow a full 360° vertical rotation so there are virtually no restrictions when it comes to their location and orientation.

-High reliability, cost-cuts and more accurate maintenance

Our BlueCore laser technology offers superior brightness and light efficacy as well as superior performance reaching up to 95% of Rec.709 colour accuracy. And the advantages of BlueCore don’t stop here. Our projectors have an extended life cycle that guarantees up to 20,000 hours of superior image quality. That means no more constant lamp changes, colour adjustments or edge-recalibration, resulting in a more than significant cost cut. Another major advantage is the colour decay of a laser projector is easier to measure and calculate which makes for a more accurate and predictable maintenance schedule.

Moreover, every projector in the simulation series has a sealed laser module and enclosed light engines to protect optical components such as the DMD chip, colour wheel sensor and laser bank. The lock-and-key design seals projectors and makes them 100% dust proof, prolonging their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs even further.

-Always-on back-up service

This series provides you with unseen possibilities thanks to its unparalleled combination of flexibility, power, performance, easy-maintenance and reliability. To deliver the goods is one thing however. To back them up with solid service and maintenance is yet another. We are confident that we deliver an unequalled projection system series for any simulation need as well as top-notch backup service and help desk to guide you through the installation-, information-, or troubleshooting process. We are there for you, on call, always.

Always-on back-up service


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