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ELIOS solar smart bench

Citysi srl
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the fist SOLAR SMART BENCH Made in Italy

Conceived to live the public space respecting our philosophy of positive, sustainable city, the Elios Smart bench, is the excellence created to offer the user a complete experience; its transparent or colored glass seat hides a monocrystalline photovoltaic panel, which generates electricity, and gives power to the bench, giving the possibility to recharge smartphones, tablets via 4 USB sockets, 2 for each side, and 2 wirless pads, 1 on the side, night lighting by means of RGWB LEDs, programmable in color and frequency and internet connection, 4G and wifi.

The bench placed in sunny areas ensures total efficiency, and does not need any power supply therefore no architectural change.

E'sicura because it is controlled by sensors that protect it against short circuits, and all the components are regulated by the strict European regulations, guaranteeing the product the CE marking.

The bench is fully monitored through a simple custom dashboard, both from smartphone and desktop.

Totally MADE IN ITALY, with its small size and attractive design, Elios is a bench that adapts to all needs, incorporating completely into the urban context

ELIOS solar smart bench by Citysi
ELIOS solar smart bench by Citysi

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