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FRP fencing: FRP, such a stranger material.

Reportage da Dubai – Airport show

For FibreFENCE, participation in the Dubai Airport Show had unexpected results in terms of presence on the stand and interest in our product. The FRP: this unknown. Why unknown? The explanation is simple. When you represent a brand, a story, people and you know everything about your product, you think you know how to communicate it to your entire audience, you think that it’s easy to understand what it is and that great professionals have already heard about it. Actually it is not like that. In short, too many things are taken for granted when you do not come out of your shell.

Infact, with a strange pleasure, we have found that many professionals in the airport sector do not know FRP fencing, do not know composite material, perhaps they have heard of it but it is a distant concept for them. They do not imagine that glass fibers can be used together with thermosetting resins and obtain such effective systems for their sector. Other operators in the sector do not even know about fiberglass.

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