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Providing Actionable LiDAR Point Cloud Deliverables and the Inertial Labs RESEPI

What is LiDAR Point Cloud and How RESEPI Can Transform Your Business

A LiDAR point cloud is a collection of millions (even billions) of points that is used to accurately map an environment, in a way similarly to how a pointillism painting creates a picture. Each of these points have a location in a known coordinate system (local or global), along with a value for intensity, which quantifies the amount of light energy that is recorded by the scanner. A LiDAR point cloud is the product of sensor fusion across a GPS-Aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) and a LiDAR scanner. Each sensor plays a critical role in how a LiDAR payload functions and the applicability of its point cloud output.

Briefly, data collected by LiDAR can provide valuable metrics for a wide variety of applications. From topographic mapping, to asset inspection, to site monitoring, the Inertial Labs RESEPI is a quick and efficient way to generate models of an environment. Beyond just making a nice looking 3d model, LiDAR can provide actionable data that provides immediate value to any inspection or mapping service. With the advances in modern LiDAR data, data can be displayed in a way that is almost identical to how it appears in reality and provides comparable accuracy to field surveys. With the ability to perform customized analysis in line with the priorities and risks of an application, owners have the power of understanding what needs to be done. With custom options and a great price-performance ratio, Inertial Labs is working hard to provide high quality solutions for a variety of applications at an affordable price.

Providing Actionable LiDAR Point Cloud Deliverables and the Inertial Labs RESEPI


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