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Aerospace Controls Fuel System Components

Ensuring critical aircraft systems operate reliably and efficiently.

ITT’s highly engineered aerospace solutions enhance every aspect of the crew and passenger flying experience. Our proven technologies support customer requirements for quality, performance, reliability and safety across commercial, business and civil aviation as well as military and cargo aircraft.

Aerospace Controls provides lightweight and reliable products that meet the varying needs of aerospace engineers, designers and manufacturers. More importantly, we help aircraft manufacturers meet the increasing demand for smaller, lighter and faster. Our solutions optimize weight requirements, lower fuel costs, ensure critical systems operate reliably and efficiently, minimize noise and vibrations, and deliver a safe and comfortable in-flight experience for passengers and crew.

Our fuel system components include pumps, valves, switches, actuators and high-performance electro-mechanical switches.

1. Engine Feed Switch

2. Opto Actuators

3. Fuel Transfer Valve

4. Crossfeed Valves

5. Low Pressure Switches

6. Dual Motor Actuators

7. Jettison Valves

8. APU Transfer Pump

9. APU Feed Switch

10. Override Jettison Pump

11. Scavenge Pumps

12. Fuel Temperature Switches

At Aerospace Controls, we have a history of innovation that continues to propel aerospace forward, including our patented fuel line actuator that uses light instead of electricity to control the actuator’s motion, eliminating the possibility of ignition.

But, our value to our aerospace customers extends far beyond products. Our extensive knowledge and experience enable us to also provide superior analysis, services and support across their most challenging applications. Want to learn more? Let’s talk.

Aerospace Controls Fuel System Components


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