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AsBAA Adds Weight to US Advocacy Team with the Addition of Chris Buchholz and Joanne Wong to IBAC Standards Board

AsBAA, the Asian region’s non-for-profit representative trade body for business aviation, today announced that it has increased its influence with global industry standards body IBAC by appointing industry pioneer and Wijet board member Chris Buchholz and Joanne Wong, Safety and Security at Jet Aviation Flight Services, Inc., to the IBAC Standards Board, representing AsBAA.

The appointment was made by Ben Walsh, head of IS-BAO programs at IBAC, following a recommendation by AsBAA’s Board of Directors.

The move by AsBAA to enhance its presence in the US forms part of a global strategy to represent the needs of its members that are operating in Asia. Buchholz and Wong, both based in the US, now form part of AsBAA’s US representative leadership team, which also includes former AsBAA Chairman Charlie Mularski and Vice-Chairman David Best.

Jenny Lau, Chairperson of AsBAA, said, “AsBAA is encouraged to see our Advocacy efforts strengthen and advance in the US through the addition of Chris and Joanne to the IBAC Standards Board. Education on safety standards is an on-going priority for AsBAA; we are committed to ensuring understanding among our members and the wider community that IS-BAO is based upon ICAO standards and is the best practice for operators with all sizes of aircraft and operational profiles.”

Chris Buchholz is known as one of the pioneers of business aviation in Asia, having led Metrojet from one aircraft into the then-largest fleet operator in Asia Pacific and into the world's second-busiest Gulfstream Authorized warranty repair facility at the time. He said, "I am very passionate about safety and business aviation and I am delighted to contribute to IBAC's very important IS-BAO work to lead and spread SMS standards in the industry, and to be able to support AsBAA is a real privilege."

Wong said of her appointment, “I am grateful for the nomination from AsBAA and the acceptance from the IBAC Board. I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity to continue my support to the Asian Business Aviation community and participate on the IS-BAO Standards Board. The Standard (IS-BAO) can often be misinterpreted due to language barriers or cultural differences; I am confident I can make a contribution to ensure a greater understanding of, and in turn, better application of this international safety standard.”

Former AsBAA leaders Charlie Mularski and David Best, now also based in the US, both support AsBAA’s efforts under its three pillars – Representation, Advocacy and Community. Best, who formally represents AsBAA at all IBAC meetings, said, “AsBAA’s Advocacy work is going from strength to strength. The addition of Chris and Joanne to the team is a big win for AsBAA and will support our on-going efforts around the world to represent the needs of the Asian Business and General Aviation Community.”

Chris Buchholz

Chris is a pioneer of the private jet market in Asia as the market was just in its infancy, leading Metrojet as its CEO from a single jet aircraft operation in 2004 into the largest fleet of private jets in Asia by 2010, and into the world's second busiest private jet authorized repair facility of its kind, while also running its sister company Heliservices, the market leading helicopter charter & utility operator in Hong Kong. Chris is also the first and only westerner to have successfully established a China-owned private jet airline outside Mainland China, when under Chris' leadership Hongkong Jet quickly rose to prominence as the largest operator of Airbus and Boeing private jets in Asia. Previously Chris was also President, Asia Pacific at Universal, the world's leading private jet support company based in Houston, Texas. Chris also served as President, International Business Aviation, for Minsheng Financial Leasing, Asia’s largest business aircraft leasing company, where he successfully initiated the acquisition of a large fleet of aircraft from a leading aircraft manufacturer. Chris is a former investment banker at Goldman Sachs and UBS where he worked on multi-billion-dollar mergers and acquisitions as well as capital raising. Chris received his bachelor’s degree from Oxford and his master’s degree from MIT. He is a jet-qualified commercial pilot fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese and French. In his spare time, Chris is a 1st Lieutenant and Mission Pilot for the US Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol where he recently received a Homeland Security award for his missions flown in support of the US Air Force.

Joanne Wong

Joanne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautics and Master’s Degree in Aviation Safety Systems with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She started her career in aviation safety in the commercial sector 10 years ago and later transitioned to business aviation. She is professionally trained in Safety Management System and auditing for aviation organisations and has held the role of project manager for various electronic safety programs such as accident/incident and hazard reporting and Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA).

About IS-BAO’s Standards Board

IS-BAO is the Industry’s Standard. The Standards Board meets several times annually to vet proposed changes to the Standard based upon the contribution to safety balanced by the impact on international business aviation operators.

AsBAA Asian Business Aviation Association was found in 1999 as a non-profit membership-based organization, now with over 130 business and general aviation entity enterprises, is dedicated to boost the development of business and general aviation in Asia through avid promotion, communication with government, sharing of information, business networking, membership coordination (to synchronize the industry’s standpoints) and business support. It is situated in Asia’s vast business network consists of a collection of business jet manufacturers, fixed base operators and maintenance operators, as well as financial series including aircraft finance lease and asset management service providers. The commercial and public utility operations cover service providers of business travel chartering, air emergency rescue, medical transfer and rotorcraft operation and its ground agent. AsBAA encourages and advocates for the public and businesses to participate in the development of aviation culture education and public service activities, to increase awareness of business aviation amongst high school and vocational education institutions and to guide and facilitate the students’ career planning and employment.

AsBAA Adds Weight to US Advocacy Team with the Addition of Chris Buchholz and Joanne Wong to IBAC Standards Board


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