New Starrag machine to feature at Seco Tools’ event

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Starrag’s NB 151 impeller and blisk machine will be making its UK public debut at the aerospace-focused ‘Inspiration through Innovation’ manufacturing best-practice event at Seco Tools (UK)’s Technology Centre in Alcester, Warwickshire on 9-10 October.

The new NB 151 will be demonstrating live machining of titanium and Inconel blisk segments, as part of a comprehensive and enthralling programme of best practice demonstrations and seminar presentations at the event where aerospace professionals will gain exclusive insights into world-class manufacturing applications and thought processes.

Starrag’s demonstration will see the twin-pallet NB 151 machining the segments in a single set-up, courtesy of specially-developed A and B rotary axes. The axes’ spindle movement allows the tool/cutting angle to be positioned relatively close to the workpiece – resulting in not only a more stable machining process but also a much more effective route to minimal cycle times.

Importantly, this improved accessibility to the workpiece is courtesy of a B axis stroke of 280° which, together with the compact A axis and relatively slender spindle, enables the component to be accessed in all directions including even at the bottom of the Y axis stroke.

As a result of collaboration between Starrag, Open Mind and Seco, the demonstration will highlight an optimised machining solution that eliminates the traditional problems of short tool life and excessively long cycle times associated with difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium and Inconel.

New Starrag machine to feature at Seco Tools’ event

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