Leichti unveils new Go-Mill 350 for airfoils applications

GF Machining Solutions Ltd
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The Liechti Go-Mill 350 5-axis machining centre is designed for producing high quality surface finishes on challenging airfoil applications that include blisks, impellers and turbine blades.

The 6.4 x 4.3m footprint machine can be supplied with either a tailstock or double-end rotary configuration and can accommodate blades up to 350mm in length.

The machine features a powerful and responsive 20,000rpm spindle that produces flawless surface quality on performance-critical aircraft components such as that required on leading and trailing edges.

The machine also features 30 or 60 tool positions and a 16-position automatic part changer.

As an acknowledged market leader for 5-axis machining solutions to the turbine industry, Liechti produces milling machines that reduce machining times more than 30% as a result of designing and developing specific profile machining technology and specialised CAD/CAM software.

This high level of performance is based on engineering competence and know-how for full 5-axis and ultra-dynamic machining in titanium, Inconel, Nimonic, titanium aluminide and high-alloy steels.

Leichti unveils new Go-Mill 350 for airfoils applications