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Austrian launches interactive seat map booking function

Austrian Airlines has just launched an innovative 3D Seatmap as part of the booking process. While the technology is nothing new, the ability to use the platform as part of the booking and seat selection process, is.

From now on, Austrian Airlines passengers on flights operated by a Boeing 777 aircraft can virtually discover their favorite seat and reserve it directly during the booking process via a new 3D Seatmap. Previously, this was only available in a two-dimensional version. For the implementation of the 3D Seatmaps, Austrian Airlines is working with the Spanish agency Renacen.

With this innovative service, passengers already get an insight into the experience on board during the booking process – in all travel classes: Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class. Austrian Airlines operates flights to Los Angeles, New York, Cape Town, Mauritius, Bangkok, Tokyo and others with the 777.

By the end of the year, the function will also be available in the Web Check-in Portal. A further expansion of the service is planned. It will be interesting to see however if this actually increases or decreases revenue. Sometimes people will select a seat blindly thinking it might offer more legroom, however with these visuals, they may realise these premium seats don’t always afford the price tag they are given.

Austrian launches interactive seat map booking function


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