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AIM Altitude produces stylish FRMs for LATAM

AIM Altitude has revealed that it is behind the new front-row monuments (FRMs) for LATAM.

Thompson Aero Seating was awarded the contract for the new seating when LATAM decided to refresh its existing fleet of 767 and 777 aircraft. The brief was for the FRMs to flow seamlessly into the seating, and Thompson selected AIM Altitude as the best option to provide a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing product to meet the stringent requirements.

AIM Altitude produced monuments that are both stylish and functional. The design engineers at AIM Altitude worked with the angles and the radius of the front-row monuments to maximise the protection of the seat console by controlling the aisle width and the path taken by passengers.

Following the design concept originated by PriestmanGoode, the front-row monuments mimic the features of the seats, manufactured by Thompson Aero Seating, to create a seamless look throughout the cabin. Referencing the commonalities in landscape across the countries encompassed by LATAM airlines group, the cabin design is modern and aims to offer great comfort. Contemporary, luxurious finishes, in tan and grey tones, set the scene for relaxation.

Creating monuments that are easy to maintain and refresh was also key to the project. Hard-wearing materials were selected for high-wear areas, with easily replaced parts in case damage occurs, and for easy refresh.

Stowage was maximised by using an upper literature pocket with wash lighting to promote LATAM’s inflight magazine, Vamos. A lower stowage pocket provides space for personal goods, and footwell stowage was also created for shoes.

This was an unusual project due to the requirement for a product that would work across three, or possibly more, aircraft types. A main driver for AIM Altitude being involved in the programme was its close relationship with Thompson. Both being members of AVIC Cabin Systems, Thompson had great confidence in AIM Altitude’s ability to deliver a consistent and successful product across all aircraft models.

Making this a global project, the engineering design of the FRMs was undertaken by AIM Altitude in New Zealand and the monuments were manufactured by AIM Altitude Cabin Interiors in the UK. The first of the new interiors is now in service, with AIM Altitude producing 21 ship sets in total. The seats were manufactured by Thompson Aero Seating in Northern Ireland.

Vice-president Corporate Accounts at AIM Altitude, Matthew Eyre, said: “There were many different parties involved in the creation of these front-row monuments as they needed to meet the specific requirements for high quality and robustness from LATAM, and the design intent from PriestmanGoode, whilst flowing seamlessly into the seats created by Thompson Aero Seating. We are well versed in dealing with different contributors and interests and I am pleased to say that these projects were another successful multi-party collaboration resulting in front-row monuments meeting the exact design brief, requirements and expectations of LATAM and their passengers.”

AIM Altitude produces stylish FRMs for LATAM


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