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Chiron unveils new VMC for large components

The recently introduced Chiron FZ/DZ 25 vertical machining centre series is designed for highly productive machining of complex, large volume structural components.

With a spindle distance of 800mm and spindle speeds to 20,000rpm, the two-spindle DZ 25 P 5-axis – introduced at EMO 2019 – is designed for double-spindle machining of large aluminium structural components with a work area up to 799mm diameter per position.

The series of twin spindle machines is designed for machining high-value components with a combination of productivity, accuracy and flexibility unrivalled in this class, according to a company spokesman. Pallet size under each spindle is 630 x 630mm. Up to 60 HSK63 tools can be assigned to each spindle with chip to chip time of 3.5 sec.

Spindles travel independently of each other in the X and Z direction, cooperating smoothly with user-selected automation options. Travel in X, Y, and Z are 800mm, 1,100mm, and 800mm.The highly dynamic machine offers rapid travel speeds of 120/75/75m/mi. and acceleration of 10/10/15m/s2.

Operation and loading take place on separate sides of the machine which is a major advantage for processing large workpieces. This allows optimum access to the working area and a good view of the process – even if the machining centre is supplemented by a pallet changer for workpiece changes during machining. Automation options available from Chiron for the machine include a robot, pallet changer, and pallet changer plus robot. The machine can also be direct loaded by gantry in high-production systems.

The machining centres are operated via the Chiron TouchLine control system in conjunction with Siemens or Fanuc controls and the large panel on which the machine status can be monitored at any time. The 25 series is prepared for the Chiron SmartLine modules RemoteLine, DataLine and ProcessLine –ensuring an additional productivity boost.

The 25 series also requires only a small amount of floor space, thanks to its compact design. Its optimal dynamics make it a compelling offering in this competitive environment, the company said.

Chiron unveils new VMC for large components


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