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Aerobraze Cincinnati acquires new Haas VMC

Aerobraze Engineered Technologies Cincinnati has purchased a Haas Automation DT-1 3-Axis vertical milling centre (VMC).

This investment significantly upgrades current machining capabilities and aerospace part production – reinforcing Aerobraze Cincinnati’s position as a leader in the aircraft and space industries.

“This new machine greatly improves our throughput, productivity, and lead-time as we are able to run it around the clock with no need to monitor. We can get high-quality parts out faster while adding capacity to serve more customers requiring aerospace engine components,” stated Noel Davis, general manager of Aerobraze Cincinnati.

The DT-1 3-Axis VMC is a high-speed drill and tap machine in a compact body with all the milling capabilities. The DT-1 at Aerobraze Cincinnati is installed with a Midaco automated 2-pallet changer, which assists in an external setup of a second pallet. With this feature, in conjunction with the Jergens K10 ZPS quick change fixtures, the machinists at Aerobraze are able to work at high productivity levels due to the reduction in changeover and downtime.

Aerobraze Engineered Technologies is a division of Wall Colmonoy that manufactures engineered components and provides technological solutions for aerospace, energy, defense and transportation industries.

The company meets aerospace quality standards in applications using the process of brazing, heat treatment, welding, assembly, machining, including x-ray penetrant and other NDT inspections. Quality standards include AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015, Nadcap Brazing & Heat Treating, Nadcap Welding, Nadcap Chemical Processing, Nadcap NonDestructive Testing (NDT), FAA Repair Station # GE5RM880M, and EASA Part-145 Approval (EASA.145.6085).

Aerobraze Cincinnati acquires new Haas VMC


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