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Factorydesign conceives a new Covid-19 idea, ideal for LCCs. Introducing HeadZone

Factorydesign certainly hasn’t let Covid-19 stifle its creative streak. In yet another innovative concept, this time aimed more at the LCC model, the London based design studio has created yet another confidence-inducing personal shield which has application beyond the cover-19 pandemic.

Based on the mental and physical comfort considerations that cautious travellers are considering, the studio has created a new concept which is designed to reassure and provide comfort to passengers in economy class seats. “This may only be for a transitional period, it may not, but the ability to create a sense of independent space will be important to nervous returning passengers. They need to be in the right HeadZone,” states Factorydesign on its latest product.

HeadZone’s role is to allow any passenger to simply and immediately create an important sense of personal space – with a product made from recycled material that is simple to manufacture, foldout, user friendly and multi-use. It can also be easily recycled.

HeadZone is made out of cardboard – one of the safer materials to be considered right now – in a bit to quash the spread of this virus. It’s more than simple card, its partially moulded and features a printed surface with inherent structure built into its dual layer construction.

The product slips over the back of a standard economy seat, and the interaction with the seat itself underpinning the strength within the design. Easy fold out ears reinforce the side head supports and provide the flexibility required for different seat back thicknesses.

In a novel approach it can either be purchased by the passenger within the terminal, or supplied by an airline or railway company as part of an ancillary purchase on or pre-boarding. Being card, there are also opportunities for branding, sponsorship and high-impact advertising, which may also allow companies to provide it free to customers.

Its flexibility and mobility gives HeadZone key advantages. This is not about changing the inherent nature of the cabin interior, but creating a considered, optional personal add on, giving the passenger some control over their personal space.

Factorydesign conceives a new Covid-19 idea, ideal for LCCs. Introducing HeadZone


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