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Buzz and Delta are the latest to bring out ‘Wellbeing Kits’

The addition of ‘Wellbeing Kits’ to flights might not be a brand new idea, but over the past few weeks, launches of these new amenities have certainly been a welcome addition in the airline’s arsenal to help empower passengers over their own hygiene and sanitisation.

Roll over Naomi Campbell, who last year – with her supermodel mystic powers – showed us a glimpse of the future, but now it seems, the pros are in town.

Friday saw Delta announce its quickly-launched hygiene kit which will be distributed to passengers who arrive at the airport without a mask. Available no later than that 5th of June, these new kits contain a face mask and disposable Purell sanitising pouches and also a message on how Delta is bringing a new standard of clean to the skies.

However, Buzz have brought some design thinking to their new ranges of wellness kits which go beyond a simple plastic bag and flyer. These new creations, much like Formia’s thinking will see airlines adopt lifestyle brand products which look a little less clinical, and a little more inviting.

“Buzz are known for creating innovative design solutions and this is no different. Our trusted brand collaborations provide the highest level of quality and luxury at a time when travelers need it most”, said Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz.

These latest additions of new wellness kits from established and reputable brands such as Murchison Hume, C.O. Bigelow, Rohr Remedy and Aromatherapy Associates deliver on both the airline industry’s need for the highest quality of clean, but also the luxury skin care ranges that are valued by travellers. Also, with the packaging being of porous materials and paper, we are seeing a range of kits that are even more hygienic and better for the environment too.

Buzz and Delta are the latest to bring out ‘Wellbeing Kits’


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  • Jonny Clark