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Constructions of laser light

As a supplier of laser projection systems to Europe’s leading aerospace manufacturers, SL Laser is always looking to introduce a new product to simplify composite ply assembly during the manufacture of airframes.

Composite ply assembly is a precision operation and the traditional way of doing things with hard templates and mylars worked for many years, but introduced degrees of inaccuracy, maintenance and storage issues – and made for a slow and cumbersome work process.

These drawbacks are instantly eliminated with 3D laser projection from Germany’s SL-Laser, a leading global company in the field of laser projection and laser positioning. Drawings, contours, outlines or positions can be projected as a laser light beam on any surface, to make working templates visible – all fully-automated and controlled directly via the customer’s computer data.

A major component of SL-Laser’s success is the SL-3D software package. SL-3D imports all common industry CAD/CAM data formats, including Catia V4 and V5 without requiring expensive third-party wedges. Single ProDirector 6 and XS2 projectors can multitask onto multiple tools. On complex, contoured moulds, SL-3D automatically optimises multiple projectors to work together seamlessly.

The eight-button remote controller with display gives the operator mobile flexibility without being tethered to the control PC. The SL-3D software can be used on an unlimited number of offline workstations at no additional charge – customers don’t pay for ‘management seats’ but instead configure ply books and production steps in their offices and then send it to SL-3D system on the shopfloor. In projects without ply projection data, ply books can be quickly built within SL-3D with the ProCollector Arm.

Heed the demand signals

By responding to customer needs, SL Laser says it is able to develop software and laser systems that enhance the overall functionality and feasibility of entire projects. Indeed, based on an inquiry of a customer working in the area of composites and using different tools, one of these particular needs involved the display of production progress viewed from different workplaces.

The aim was to have an overview of all workplaces that are working with lasers and to check the status of each place. Many parameters, such as name of each project, start of production, time difference between theoretical and real-time, serial number of lasers and the operating hours – and many other different points to that topic that could be saved for the quality management.

Meanwhile, another feature that SL Laser has added to its SL3D Software is vacuum bagging countdown. As long as the vacuum value isn’t reached, the countdown will not start. When the minimum value is reached, the countdown starts.

SL Laser says it has added new engineering concepts for different industries to its website, such as the use of the projection laser on a rail (trolley) system. The advantage of the system is that customers can work with two trolleys on the same tool. On completion of the work, each trolley system can work independent on different tools. Work positions can be predefined and each workplace can have its own large screen showing the actual layer or specific information for the operators.

SL Laser constantly adds new innovative diagnostic systems, such as the company’s SLNET diagnostic system. This system allows its support personnel to remotely connect to a customer’s PC via remote network connection. Through this service, SL Laser is able to diagnose software and hardware issues along with providing remote update abilities. This way, SL Laser says its customers are always up-to-date and benefit from the newest SL Laser innovations.

One final key fact that is often overlooked is service and support. For example, how well does a supplier respond when a question or problem arises? SL Laser says its system includes access to worldwide after-sales support and service structure. The company has factory-trained engineers and product specialists strategically situated in Germany, France, the US, Australia, Brazil and China to ensure that its customers receive the very best support possible.


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