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EAA Spirit of Aviation Week Features Virtual Exhibits

Experts at Garmin, Sporty’s, ForeFlight, and Jeppesen present webinars, among others.

The Experimental Aircraft Association’s Spirit of Aviation Week features virtual exhibitors, with experts at Garmin, Sporty’s ForeFlight, and Jeppesen presenting webinars, among others. You can check out EAA’s full lineup here, but there are a few highlights from exhibitors you may want to mark on your calendar.

Garmin has a robust lineup of webinars on its schedule—starting on Monday, July 20, at noon check out the webinar in which experts from Sporty’s and Garmin present “Preflight Weather with Garmin Pilot,” discussing preflight weather planning resources and what tools can be found within Garmin Pilot to aid in weather planning. Then, at 1 pm, cruise through Garmin HQ with FlightChops as he visits to see how they make the avionics that help you get more out of flying. On multiple days, you can walk through panel upgrades on several popular used aircraft, including the A36 Beech Bonanza, RV-7A, and Cessna 182. You can also check out Mike Patey’s progress on the new panel he’s putting into “Scrappy”—a one-off, 500 hp Cub-like design.

ForeFlight and Jeppesen team up to bring you webinars—and prizes. Looking to sharpen your ForeFlight skills and learn about new ForeFlight features? Familiar favorites have been updated for 2020, like What’s New in ForeFlight, ForeFlight Fundamentals, and ForeFlight Power Users, along with new additions like The Power of Jeppesen Charts. All online forums are eligible for FAA Wings credit for live attendees, and will also be available for later viewing at ForeFlight’s EAA web page. You can register for forums now.

ForeFlight users can also watch for hints found on ForeFlight’s social media each day in order to build routes in ForeFlight that will create a letter or number on the flight path track. Share that letter or number of the day with the hashtag #FFXConnect for a chance to win a daily or grand prize. Daily winners receive a $200 ForeFlight gift card, and one grand prize winner will receive a $300 ForeFlight gift card, Sentry ADS-B receiver, and a ForeFlight swag bag. See contest details here.

ForeFlight offers several daily webinars and contests to promote EAA’s Spirit of Aviation Week 2020.


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