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8tree awarded innovation prize

8tree continues to be recognised for continuous innovations in its design of user-centric technologies that enhance quality and efficiency.

The company’s dentCHECK tool – now the standard for damage-mapping within the aviation sector – was awarded the VR-Innovationprize. This was the 20th consecutive year in which the BadenWürttemberg Volksbank & Raiffeisenbanken awarded the prize.

dentCHECK is a handheld optical 3D surface inspection tool that was purpose-built for the aviation industry. It measures and documents structural damage on aircraft, with incredible speed and accuracy. Every feature and capability of the tool is the result of direct input from aircraft technicians, mechanics and engineers. In essence, dentCHECK was defined by aviation professionals for use by aviation professionals.

Why do speed and accuracy matter? Dent-damage can determine if an aircraft is airworthy. Taking too long to inspect the damage costs the airline money, as the aircraft stays grounded. However, producing uncertain measurement results can compromise safety and cost lives. dentCHECK was designed to help on both fronts, by creating an end-to-end digitised workflow. In doing so, dentCHECK produces consistently accurate measurement reports while delivering time-savings of up to 90%.

How does it work? Point-and-click to get instant answers – just like a camera. Leveraging integrated augmented reality (AR), the answers, or measurement results, are visually superimposed on the damaged aircraft surface, using an intuitive colour scheme and numerical annotations. Furthermore, the measurement analytics are directly accessible via the cloud for further reporting and auditing purposes.

Dozens of well-known aviation and aerospace industry brands, including Airbus, Lufthansa-Technik, Delta Air Lines and Gulfstream, have embraced dentCHECK – an innovation that is made in Constance, Germany.


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