Climavent hails mobile paint fume extraction unit installation

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Dust and fume extraction systems specialist, Climavent has designed a bespoke Mobile Paint Fume Extraction Unit to filter and monitor the emissions generated during paint spraying applications at a renowned aerospace company based in Cambridge.

Climavent was commissioned to integrate sensitive, intelligent monitoring equipment and control systems that could measure and adapt how the unit works to eliminate minute solvent and odour particles from the mobile spray booths. The CV1140 Mobile Paint Fume Extraction Unit uses eco-friendly coconut shells in a process that triple filters the particles, getting them to below 20mg per cubic metre – less than half the Government’s legal limit of 50mg.

The CV1140 unit, being skid mounted, can be easily manoeuvred around the workshop and is capable of providing fume extraction for two tented enclosures using up to 50m of extraction hose. Being supplied with two sets of main filters, the diverter valve and compressed air receiver allows the smooth changeover of filters without user intervention or downtime in production.

Working together with the aerospace client, Climavent developed a unit capable of producing key information to ensure adherence to government guidelines. This information was monitored by the control panel on the unit which, using data logging software, PC and printer connection and HMI display, enables the end user to monitor and log the emissions as and when required. This information is also stored on an internal storage device and retrievable via USB or the printing facility.

Climavent hails mobile paint fume extraction unit installation