Aero engine parts maker upgrades metal forming workflow

Quintus Technologies
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With the installation of two hydroform deep draw presses from Quintus Technologies, F&B Manufacturing has elevated both the capacity and capabilities of its Phoenix, Arizona facility.

The presses’ flexible forming technology allows F&B design and development engineers to offer more options to serve customer production streams, while also addressing new applications and markets.

“Producing complex shapes and assemblies has set F&B Manufacturing apart since our founding in 1923,” said Brian Morris, the company’s general manager. “Hydroforming is at the core of our success. Our two new Quintus presses replace decades-old hydroform presses that did not fit with our expansion plans. With this investment, we are elevating our capabilities and partnering with a well-established OEM. We’re now in position to get the most for our investment for decades to come.”

Both presses are the Quintus model QFM 1.1-800 Deep Draw Press, featuring a modular dual-tray shuttle system that allows F&B to draw up to 10 inches (254mm) deep and accept blank sizes up to 43.1 inches (1095mm) diameter, a 25% increase over previous capacity.

Using high isostatic pressure up to 11,600psi, parts can be formed in a variety of tough materials and thicknesses to tight tolerances with minimal thinning. Both presses offer the versatility to form with a programmable, movable punch, with the added capability to form with single-half cavity, block, and expansion tooling.

“Not only can we support larger parts, we have the flexibility of three forming operations in a single press, consistent with our goal of being a fully integrated supplier and a one-stop source for our customers,” said F&B sales manager Misty Reynolds.

Before selecting the Quintus Flexform presses, F&B spent months conducting multiple reference visits and extreme vetting of several press manufacturers. “Machine build and proven performance were of course key in our evaluations, but supplier longevity and resources were equally important,” said Morris. “At every step, Quintus proved to be the best choice. They were the most prepared to offer a long-term partnership.”

To cement this partnership, F&B supplemented its order with a long-term Quintus Care Programme, a rigorous agreement that ensures flawless production, press operation, and equipment maintenance. The programme provides for application support, high availability of spare and wear parts, and guaranteed and prioritized technical support. It also includes annual press inspections, training, and recertification of F&B personnel to maintain and elevate their skills.

To further strengthen collaboration, F&B and Quintus also negotiated a promotional agreement where F&B is a preferred supplier for the cooperative advancement of hydroforming applications.

Aero engine parts maker upgrades metal forming workflow

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