Triple Y-axis turret lathe has 80mm bar capacity

Citizen Machinery
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The largest bar capacity CNC lathe in the Citizen Machinery product portfolio is the new 12-axis Miyano ABX-80THY, a fixed-head model with twin-opposed C-axis spindles and three turrets moving over box ways for maximum rigidity.

They enable vibration-free turn-milling that is enhanced by the machine’s more than 11 tonnes installed weight. The bar auto is ideal for continuous, automated, unattended production of components from bar up to 80mm in diameter. Maximum component diameter when chucking is 165mm.

The three turrets can be in cut simultaneously to achieve very high levels of productivity. Two turrets are positioned above the spindle centreline and are dedicated to working at the 15kW / 2,750rpm main spindle and 7.5 kW/5,000 rpm counter spindle respectively. The other turret is located below and has unrestricted travel to operate at either spindle to provide flexibility for balancing front and reverse end machining operations, or to deploy a tailstock centre to support shaft-type components being machined in either spindle.

Alternatively, a Miyano ABX-80SYY 9-axis CNC lathe is available with two Y-axis turrets, one upper and one lower, which can be used in tandem or separately at either spindle.

All turrets have 80mm of Y-axis movement in addition to X- and Z-axis travels and the 12 tool stations in each turret are live, offering 6,000rpm rotational speed and 40Nm of torque for in-cycle milling and drilling equivalent to that of a machining centre. So components, no matter how complex, are nearly always produced in one hit, raising productivity further and enhancing machining accuracy. Rapid traverse rates are fast at up to 30m/min in Z, promoting short non-cutting times.

Temperature variations around the machine are constantly measured by sensors and fed back to the Fanuc Series 30i-B control, which incorporates software to compensate for thermal movement by adjusting the relevant axis positions. In this way, displacement of the turret from the main spindle in the X-axis, for example, is reduced from 30 down to 10 microns.

An in-machine tool setter, parts catcher and conveyor, and a variety of different swarf conveyors to suit the type of chip are all available.

Triple Y-axis turret lathe has 80mm bar capacity