The pegasus vertical business jet blends jet performance with helicopter convenience

Pegasus universal aerospace
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Johannesburg-based pegasus universal aerospace was founded in 2012 by dr. reza mia with the idea of creating a small private jet with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability.

Recently, the company did its initial hover test flight, taking a step closer to bringing the pegasus vertical business jet to live, creating the first aircraft to provide true business jet performance coupled with helicopter convenience.

what’s impressive about the pegasus vertical business jet is that it has been designed with the capability to land on almost any surface — parking lots, heliports, yachts, or on any surface including grass or gravel, as well as on a conventional runway. this eliminates the need to travel to and from an airport, reducing travel time for passengers.

the pegasus vertical business jet with VTOL mode has a range 2,124 km (1,320 miles) and using conventional runways, it has a range of 4,400 km (2,743 miles), and has a cruise speed of is 796 km/h (495 mph) at an altitude of 10,668 m (35,000 feet). flight time is approximately three (3) hours flying time in VTOL mode and is capable of up to six and a half (6-1/2) hours flying time using conventional runways. it burns 309 liters (81.63 gallons) per hour amounting to a 60% savings of fuel compared to a standard jet. the jet will also have multiple innovations making it safe and easy to fly.

the VTOL portion of the flight will be much quieter than a helicopter due to the ducted fans using electric motors for vertical take-off and landing. the business jet is an all composite airframe with a cross-section having a wider and higher space than other private jets of the same size, allowing passengers to move around easier.

Project info:

Name: vertical business jet

Company: Pegasus

The pegasus vertical business jet blends jet performance with helicopter convenience

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