New 3D printing tool helps manufacturers create custom rubber parts

Structur3D Printing
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Structur3D Printing has launched the new Inj3ctor platform, the first solution to combine the principles of injection moulding with 3D printing for use in aerospace manufacturing.

Aerospace often requires highly specialised and customisable parts that are expensive to produce, because manufacturers have to adjust machinery used in mass production to create a single, customised part. With the use of 3D printing technology and rubber/silicone injection moulding, Structur3d opens the door for small-batch manufacturing, allowing developers to create high-quality, custom products without increased costs.

The platform overcomes the challenges manufacturers face when adopting 3D printing technology. Currently, 3D printed rubbers fail to meet necessary manufacturing standards, which prevents the rubbers industry from finding a permanent seat at the table in advanced manufacturing. By injecting a 3D-printed mould with professional-quality materials, manufacturers can create custom products that are viable for every step of manufacturing, from prototyping to production.

Structur3d says it is unlocking 3D printing’s material capabilities to create new products with factory-grade rubber materials, like silicones and polyurethanes. They’ve enabled for rubbers in manufacturing what the 3D printer alone enabled for plastics.

New 3D printing tool helps manufacturers create custom rubber parts