Satcom Direct and Polaris Help Flight Crew Manage Risk

Satcom Direct
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Satcom Direct and Polaris Aero have joined forces to offer what they say will improve the way business aircraft operators handle risk assessments and mitigation processes. The Polaris FlightRisk platform is now integrated with the SD Pro digital operating system in a move the partners say will boost safety, while reducing pilot workload.

By combining the two data tools, SD PreFlight app users can now automatically transfer tail number, trip planning, and duty information to the FlightRisk app. The Polaris system analyzes this data quickly to provide flight crew with a risk assessment of the planned trip, indicating what actions or flight plan modifications might be required. PreFlight users can click to switch straight to the FlightRisk interface to see a more in-depth analysis of hazards and recommendations to reduce risk.

Before the two companies agreed to collaborate, their customers had to manually enter the same data into their safety management systems (SMS). This took significantly more time and also introduced the potential for errors.

Polaris is offering SD PreFlight clients a complimentary two-year subscription to use FlightRisk. “The multiple data points relating to pilot, environmental, airfield, and aircraft support pro-active hazard identification and custom advisory messages,” explained Polaris Aero CEO Chris Connor. “This alliance gives our mutual customers detailed information on which to base pro-active risk mitigation strategies, which is vital for an effective SMS.”

SD Pro is an open architecture platform that gives Satcom Direct the flexibility to integrate software and applications from other companies. The SD PreFlight module synchronizes planning information from multiple sources into a single dashboard on which pilots can schedule and manage their operations.

“In today’s dynamic flying environment, Polaris is bringing flight risk analysis into the 21st century by applying thousands of data points that traditional risk analysis methods may exclude,” said Satcom Direct business aviation president Chris Moore. “At SD we are focused on delivering trustworthy data via SD Pro to underpin decision making.”

The Polaris Aero FlightRisk app is now integrated with Satcom Direct's SD PreFlight platform.

The Polaris Aero FlightRisk app is now integrated with Satcom Direct's SD PreFlight platform.