Honda Aircraft Delivers First HondaJet Elite S

Honda Aircraft
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Honda Aircraft turned over the first HondaJet Elite S—registered as N712LV and painted in an ice-blue color scheme—to an undisclosed customer last week, the company said today.

The new Elite S, which was unveiled in late May and includes a 200-pound mtow increase, was certified by the FAA in an update to the HondaJet’s type certificate data sheet on July 7 for S/Ns 42000207 and up. According to the type certificate, the Elite S has a new maximum landing weight of 10,160 pounds and a maximum zero fuel weight of 9,100 pounds.

Changes to the G3000 avionics suite include a Com 3 datalink radio and FAA Data Comm and aircraft communications, addressing, and reporting system (ACARS) capabilities. The Com 3 radio can also be used as a VHF radio by disabling its datalink.

A new nosewheel advanced steering augmentation system (ASAS) embodies control logic in the nosewheel steering to assist the pilot during landing rollout. This is done by detecting the yaw rate of the HondaJet and "providing directional assistance to the nosewheel steering to increase help maintain runway centerline during rollout. This reduces pilot workload during the landing rollout and provides an additional level of safety during the landing," according to Honda Aircraft.

The HondaJet Elite S base price is $5.4 million; the previous Elite model was priced at $5.25 million.

Honda Aircraft Delivers First HondaJet Elite S