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Ceratizit has something for everyone at MACH 2022

Whether you are looking for the latest in turning, milling, drilling, threading tooling technology or workholding, a visit to Ceratizit UK & Ireland on stand 18-210 at MACH 2022 will cover all your requirements.

With its four competence brands of Ceratizit, WNT, Komet and Klenk there is never a shortage of new developments from Ceratizit UK & Ireland. MACH 2022 provides the ideal opportunity to showcase a selection of the cutting tool and workholding advances that have taken place recently. The following is a small selection of the productivity boosting products that will be on show.

If turning inserts can be described as intelligent then the new CTCP115 CTCP125-P and CTCP115-P grades developed for the machining of ISO-P grade steel are that. At the end of its life the performance of an insert deteriorates, and if not spotted can fail with expensive consequences. Therefore, being able to identify when end-of life is being reached is a major advantage. At Ceratizit they have integrated a new indicator layer into the special multi-layer Dragonskin tool coating, which highlights when the tool life is close to its limit. Something that with the Tin, Al2o3, Ti (C,N) coating can be extended by up to 20 per cent.

The three new grades also simplify the selection of the right insert for what can be a wide array of materials falling within the ISO-P steel designation. In their design these inserts have had every element rethought, from the substrate to the geometries, and through to the coating to provide just three choices for the optimum machining experience and enhanced tool life. The choice now is simply CTCP115-P (ISO P15) specially for smooth cuts with stable cutting conditions and continuous cuts; for general roughing and finishing of ISO P25 steels the choice is CTCP125-P; whereas for those difficult conditions such as unstable interrupted cutting in the ISO P35 range CTCP135-P is the grade of choice.

Silverline is a range of solid carbide end mill in a variety of styles including Torus-style cutters, end mills with corner radius and standard end mill forms. The latest developments in the range come with the latest Dragonskin coating, advanced cutting geometries that help to deliver even more exceptional performance in terms of metal removal, enhanced cutting data and tool life.

Key to Silverline’s success is the optimised core geometry of the cutters which when combined with the carbide substrate and Dragonskin coating brings with it, among other things, improved process security, reduced vibration (even with high angles of contact), greater stability through improved chip clearance, smoother processing and lower cutting forces. With increased choice of flute options, shank styles and cutters for rough, rough and finish and full slot milling, there will be a Silverline cutter suitable for most applications.

The proof of Silverline’s improvements come from customers who are experiencing the benefits of these new developments. In one example milling stainless steel polygon shafts the customer stated the following: “The amazing results that we have achieved with the upgrade have far exceeded our expectations…” In numbers the new Silverline, compared to the older variant achieved between 20 and 40% higher cutting speeds with tool life increasing by up to 40%.

The new SGF solid carbide thread milling cutters from WNT are now a standard item from the Ceratizit catalogue with next day guaranteed delivery. The SGF thread mills are available in a range of sizes with most conventional thread forms, including metric, UNC, UNF, NPT and Whitworth, across sizes starting at M3 or ¼ UN and up to M20 or equivalent. In metric forms larger diameters up to M64 can be produced on special request. The SGF series of thread mills is an addition to the already extensive thread milling range available from Ceratizit, such as the Micro Mill that can cut threads as small as M1.6 and the various indexable insert-style cutters available with inserts in full or partial profile to suit most popular thread types.

For those with a requirement to drill holes up to 96mm diameter the latest Komet KUB Pentron CS (Cartridge System) indexable insert drill provides the ideal result. This latest addition to the KUB Pentron range adds to the already well regarded range covering diameters from 14 to 46mm, with the new CS variant offering cutting lengths of 3x Diameter. The KUB Pentron CS is suitable for universal use as well as many special applications and is now part of the standard Ceratizit Group portfolio. The modular design consists of a burnished, wear-resistant KUB Pentron base holder, along with two high-precision cartridge seats. The inner cartridge can cover a specific diameter range, while the outer cartridge determines the bore diameter, with each housing two SOGX indexable inserts from the CERATIZIT standard portfolio including a range of grades and geometries to maximise tool life and chip control. Location is via the proven KOMET ABS system that offers significant advantages compared to other interfaces, especially for large diameter bores thanks to its higher clamping force and torsional stiffness as well as better values with regard to force transmission, accuracy and machining performance.

Workpiece clamping is vital yet often overlooked, especially for when looking at straightforward round workpieces. However, having the right workholding system can prove to be a game changer and it is here that the new SBF-3 stationary 3-jaw chuck from the WNT Performance range will make a difference.

The SBF-3 3-jaw chuck is compatible with both the MNG (mechanical) and PNG (pneumatic) zero point clamping systems, a feature that reduces set-up and non-productive time to a minimum. These reductions are enhanced by the innovative quick jaw change system that allows jaws to be changed in under a minute – at the touch of a button with very high repeatability. Process security is optimised by the consistent high clamping forces of 100kN or 180kN depending on the size of vice selected, with the choice being 200mm or 300mm diameter chuck, this is enabled by the standard wedge bar drive system. The longevity of the vice is also improved with all the functional components being hardened and ground with optimised lubrication.

In addition, the SBF-3 vices offer many other standard features that will simplify and facilitate easier machining of round parts, these include: Large through hole for machining all common bar material diameters; mounting threads for workpiece stops or cover plates; quick jaw change system, meaning extremely short setup times; base jaws with angled teeth (SFG); locking mechanism guaranteeing secure engagement of the base jaw teeth with the wedge bar teeth; engagement pin for pre-positioning the base jaw; and actuation via hex connection for easier operation.

The KUB Pentron CS is suitable for universal use as well as many special applications and is now part of the standard Ceratizit Group portfolio


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