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Finavia to introduce new security control technology at Helsinki Airport

The new technology will enable passengers to clear security checks without taking electronic gadgets out of their hand baggage.

Finnish airport operator Finavia has announced that it will introduce an advanced security control technology at Helsinki Airport to facilitate quicker and easier security checks.

With the new scanning and liquid analysis equipment in place, passengers at the airport will no longer have to remove electronics or liquids from their hand baggage.

The new technology is being introduced by Finavia as part of the Helsinki Airport development programme.

Finavia Airport infrastructure, sustainability, safety, security and compliance senior vice-president Henri Hansson said: “Our entire development programme has focused on positioning Helsinki Airport services and passenger comfort to be among the best in the world.

“We have invested not only in streamlining transfer travelling but also in the comprehensive development of customer experience. Opening of the new, advanced security control and transferring all flights under one roof are an important part of our service reform.”

The airport operator said that the existing technology will continue to be operational, and passengers at these lines will still be required to take electronics and liquids out of their bags.

It also said that Terminals 1 and 2 will become a thing of the past, as all flights at the airport will be operated from a single terminal in the future.

Finavia noted that the transition to the new premises will be carried out during the spring and summer.

In Phase I, from 21 March to 23 May, airlines currently operating from Terminal 2, including Finnair, Air Baltic and British Airways, will be moved to the new departures hall of the extension.

From 1 June, airline companies including Norwegian, Lufthansa and SAS, which operate from Terminal 1, will be shifted to the new departure and arrival halls as part of Phase II transition.

The Finnish airport operator said that by 30 June it aims to achieve the single terminal operating model at Helsinki Airport and will shut the check-in area, security control and baggage drop in Terminal 1.

Last October, Finavia signed a loan agreement with Nordic Investment Bank to fund Terminal 2 expansion at Helsinki Airport.


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