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Radiant Unveils 'Flight Sensor Pack'

Radiant Technology introduced its portable, battery-powered “Flight Sensor Pack” this week at EAA AirVenture.

The compact pack retails for $299.95 and combines an artificial horizon with common aircraft instrumentation. It is not attached or wired to the aircraft and could be used as a backup instrument. Limited shipments will begin in September via authorized distributors Aircraft Spruce, Gulf Coast Avionics, and Pacific Coast Avionics.

The company characterizes the response of the pack’s artificial horizon gyro as “smooth, quick, and accurate.” Features include an altimeter, G-meter, variometer, graphing display of values over time, vertical speed indicator, density altitude, and display of pitch and roll values.

“Flight Sensor Pack represents a fusion of commonly requested aircraft flight data, all in a very small package,” said James Wiebe, Radiant CEO. “Another version of the product is designed for installation in a standard 2.25-inch instrument cutout for experimental aircraft and, by manufacturer approval, also in light sport aircraft.”

Wiebe said the pack is useful for passengers and pilots alike as the altimeter graphing shows the variation in cabin pressure while the G-meter displays bumps or G’s during an aerobatic maneuver or simple turbulence of a commercial flight.


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