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NI and SET open Dusseldorf aerospace experience centre

NI and SET, a global company in aerospace and defence test systems, have announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art System on Demand (SoD) Experience Centre in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The SoD Experience Centre enables SET and NI to provide live demonstrations of verification and validation systems by conducting workshops with engineering teams. The centre also serves as a low risk proving ground to manage customers’ hardware and software needs and develop proven deployment plans so that existing test assets remain fully operational for the program’s lifecycle. The centre has already proven value with an Urban Air Mobility company having remote access to multiple systems to integrate and debug their test applications using real-time collaboration with SET engineers.

“The Experience Centre enables developers to conduct flexible and interactive live demos on site, where they could test the HIL system for its properties, including features, speed, and reliability,” stated Frank Heidemann, CEO of SET. “Getting this hands-on experience with System on Demand maximises confidence in the solution and minimizes risk during the project.”

“Complex aerospace control systems iterate often throughout the design process and building test systems quickly for them is a challenge,” said Luke Schreier, senior vice-president and general manager of the Aerospace, Defence, and Government business unit at NI. “The SoD methodology enables engineering teams to account for these iterations in real time with pre-defined test system signal paths and programmatic specification generation. This gets the system delivered quickly and keeps it efficiently updated, despite how the design evolves, ultimately accelerating mission readiness.”

SoD, a hardware-in-the-loop test system methodology built on NI’s instrumentation and simulation hardware, and software platforms, is a test solution for engineering teams designing, validating, and integrating aerospace electronic and electromechanical control systems such as flight control computers, full-authority digital engine controllers, and many more. The demonstrations will give customers hands-on experience in using their own test requirements to deploy fully documented test solutions faster with SoD system design tools and NI test software tools.

NI and SET open Dusseldorf aerospace experience centre


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