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F/List's Aenigma Material Wins Design Award

F/List, an Austria-based manufacturer of high-end furnishing materials for the aviation, yachting, and residential markets, has received a Red Dot award in the product design category for its recently introduced line of Aenigma sustainably-engineered fabrics.

Unveiled last year at NBAA-BACE, the company uses cutting-edge chemistry to fuse traditional jewelry techniques with aerospace technology to create a decorative, highly-customizable material derived from high-performance natural fibers and a resin matrix. It can be produced in near limitless colors, textures, thickness, and patterns ranging from a metallic stingray skin theme to textured glowing geometric patterns. The lightweight, flexible material can be utilized for a wide variety of applications in the aviation and luxury yacht interior completions markets using ingredients such as metals, ground mother of pearl, or repurposed byproducts from the company’s stone fittings shop to create unique compositions.

“The incredible blend has evolved into a technical, glamorous material that would be as at home on the catwalk as on the runway,” stated Melanie Prince, the company’s head of innovation. “With this material, we are only scratching the surface; the market potential for customers is endless.”


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