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Aerox Offers Oxygen Solutions for Turboprops, Light Jets

From portable oxygen systems to emergency descent gear, the company supports operators in the flight levels.

When you fly up in the flight levels, you automatically take a new view toward the oxygen system you carry on board. To this end, Aerox, a full-service oxygen systems and service provider, has announced several oxygen solutions for turboprops and light jets, including portable oxygen systems and emergency descent gear for pilots.

Diluter Demand Masks

You hope to only use the masks that sit in silent sentry behind you during the compulsory preflight checks you make with each flight. However, there will come a time when the diluter demand mask you would use in a sudden decompression or other high-altitude emergency will need replacing.

Aerox offers the 725 Mask that is sized and scoped for high-performance turboprops and light jets.

Priced at $3,950, it comes with a quick-donning head harness and electret microphone, and it’s purported to be more comfortable than the masks that came as standard equipment on the aircraft.

PrO2 Series for Emergency Descents

Though you may be flying a pressurized aircraft, it’s no reason to leave your portable oxygen system behind.

In the event of a depressurization or other emergency, you may benefit from a system like Aerox’s PrO2, with a portable bottle, tubing, and mask, ready to don. The PrO2 is available in a wide range of sizes, too, so it’s suitable for use by passengers.

Oxygen Cylinder Update

Aerox has also received approval to replace certain oxygen canisters in two additional aircraft. For the Eclipse 500/550, Aerox offers a PMA Kevlar cylinder, with several sizes available.

For Piper Matrix owners and operators, Aerox now has a PMA cylinder/regulator assembly, suitable for use as a replacement for the stock assembly once the carbon fiber cylinder reaches the end of its 15-year lifespan.

Aerox offers several portable O2 kits for pilots.


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