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Radiant Hosts Webinar with IEEE GlobalSpec Presenting Optical Metrology Systems for Head-Up Display Measurement

Radiant hosts a webinar with IEEE GlobalSpec (Engineering 360) on “Measuring the Visual Quality of Head-Up Displays from Conventional to AR HUD," broadcast live Tuesday May 12, at 11 A.M. EDT (8 A.M. PDT).

Radiant Vision Systems is a leading provider of HUD measurement solutions for the automotive industry, offering image-based photometric and colorimetric measurement systems combined with test software that greatly simplify visual inspection of HUD projections. Radiant’s dedicated Automotive Solutions Team works with major automotive brands, OEMs, and Tier I suppliers worldwide to meet specific measurement criteria for products that incorporate a range of technologies including TFT, DLP, and laser-based systems. Having contributed to international HUD measurement standards (SAE J1757-2 “Optical System HUD for Automotive”), Radiant provides all of the necessary components for a complete HUD measurement system. Radiant ProMetric® imaging colorimeters and photometers feature electronic lens control (software-adjustable focus and aperture) which is highly effective for identifying and focusing on images projected at variable distances into infinity. This capability enables Radiant’s analysis software to provide accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements at any working distance—from conventional HUD projections at two to five meters, to AR-HUD projections at as far as 20 meters. A range of analyses can be performed by a Radiant HUD measurement system, including evaluation of virtual image brightness, color, contrast, uniformity, sharpness or clarity (MTF), and positional accuracy, including characterization of undesirable visual qualities like ghosting, distortion, and warping.

During the upcoming webinar organized by IEEE GlobalSpec (Engineering 360), Radiant Automotive Business Leader, Matt Scholz, will provide an overview of HUD systems, with a focus on measurement challenges posed by new technology like AR-HUD and 3D virtual images that go beyond conventional fixed-depth projections. The webinar will introduce benefits and specifications of optical metrology systems and demonstrate HUD visual quality testing using Radiant's TT-HUD™ head-up display test software module.

For more information about this webinar or to register for the live broadcast on May 12, visit


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