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Photometric Imaging Solutions Ensure Visual Quality of Illuminated Displays and Components in the Aircraft

Standards-based Measurement for Manufacturers of Aircraft and Aircraft Components

On an aircraft, critical safety and operational information is relayed to pilots and passengers primarily via artificial light. Integrated displays, cockpit controls, indicators, illuminated signs, navigation lights, and other electronics provide the necessary data to safely and accurately guide an aircraft to its destination and ensure the comfort of its occupants. These illuminated components must be thoroughly tested and measured to comply with exacting industry standards and meet quality parameters. Manufacturers of aerospace and defense technologies must address the challenge for absolute quality—critical when specifying new equipment into the world’s most highly-regulated machines.

Radiant’s light and color measurement solutions, based on ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, provide the high precision required for R&D, while meeting the speed and analysis requirements of production-level testing. Calibrated for NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)-traceable measurements, Radiant's scientific-grade imaging systems provide the most accurate characterization of light sources, capturing precise spatial measurements of luminance, chromaticity (CIE or L*a*b color space coordinates), and contrast. Radiant cameras feature a tristimulus optical filter system scientifically engineered to simulate human visual sensitivity to brightness and color. This optical system enables quality evaluations of illuminated components that accurately reflect an operator’s or passenger’s perception of the component—whether a display, character, sign, or ambient light distribution pattern—ensuring all illuminated components meet requirements for safety and operability.


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