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Qatar Airways invests in aircraft recovery preparedness and comprehensive training of their staff

Qatar Airways is conducting their 12th Annual Disabled Aircraft Recovery Exercise at Doha International Airport from 28 February to 4 March 2021

Qatar Airways has been operating a state-of-the-art aircraft recovery kit manufactured by RESQTEC since 2008. After thorough evaluation of the available recovery equipment in the market, Qatar Airways selected the R2S system of RESQTEC as the most suitable equipment to cover the fleet of Qatar Airways. They required an innovative solution in line with all available guidelines and recommendation that would provide the required lifting height for the new generation of aircraft such as the Airbus A380, A350 and the Boeing 787, while at the same time providing stability and capability of following the arc movement of the aircraft.

Qatar Airways is one of the only airlines in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to operate the equipment, and one of just 12 International Airlines Technical Pool (IATP) member global airlines to operate the kit which is capable of lifting the equivalent weight of up to Airbus A380, covering the Middle East, Africa and South Asia regions.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, HE Akbar al-Baker said, “Qatar Airways is at the forefront of enhancing global aviation safety with our commitment to investing in the highest standards of recovery equipment and comprehensive training for industry professionals.

“As the only airline to own and operate an Aircraft Recovery Kit in the Middle East and Africa regions within IATP group, this innovative technology is an asset not only for Qatar Airways and the entire commercial aviation industry throughout the region and beyond.”

Dennis Back, Global Sales Director at RESQTEC, said, “We are very proud to see how Qatar Airways remains committed to being prepared for incidents with disabled aircraft. Qatar Airways shows that this is not just a matter of investing in equipment, but also in regular training and practical exercises of their staff.

“As part of the RESQTEC family, Qatar Airways has proven to be strong partner in setting the globally for aircraft recovery preparedness. Our relationship remains strong and we look forward to keep setting the standards in the industry in the future.”

Being prepared will save time and limit the disruption to your operation. The right knowledge and practical experience are crucial for an aircraft recovery operation to go quick and efficient. Training, as recommended by ICAO and IATA’s Aircraft Recovery Forum, therefore plays a key role in the preparation process of aircraft recovery teams. RESQTEC offers both theoretical and practical training courses and has multiple aircraft recovery training centres across the world.

For more information about this training and our product and training portfolio you can contact Martijn Poen at RESQTEC at or at 0031252419002.

Qatar Airways invests in aircraft recovery preparedness and comprehensive training of their staff


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