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TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (electric) cab brief introduction

TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (electric) cab brief introduction

The cab adopts a unique arch design with beautiful appearance and strong strength. The unique observation channel can see the traction bolts behind at a glance. The ergonomic design of the maneuvering room and the simple and generous design of the hood at the front and rear part of the body make it convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Parameters of TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (Electric Type)

Overall length (without/with towing bolt) mm: 3125/3615

Overall width mm: 1400

Overall height mm: 1970

Front suspension mm: 550

Rear Suspension mm: 625

Ground clearance of towing pins mm: 304.8

Minimum ground clearance mm: 148

Approach angle (°): 20.2

Departure angle (°): 20.5

Minimum turning diameter of front outer wheel mm: 7300

Overall mass kg: 4350

Front axle mass kg: 1900

Rear axle capacity kg: 2450

Maximum speed (unladen/laden) km/h: 25/11

Climbing degree (unladen) %: 20

Maximum hook pull kN: 30

Rated hook pull kN: 9

Rated towing weight kg: 30,000


  • Hang Kong Lu, Jian Hu Xian, Yan Cheng Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China
  • Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.

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