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Aircraft Passenger Steps for Airports Outrigger Introduction

Aircraft Passenger Steps for Airports Outrigger Introduction

(1) The passenger lift truck is equipped with four supporting legs, two on each side, each leg cylinder interface is installed with a two-way hydraulic lock, so that the passenger lift truck plays a stabilizing role.

Each foot cylinder interface is equipped with a two-way hydraulic lock to stabilize the passenger car.

(2) The legs are equipped with interlocking devices to prevent the vehicle from moving when the legs are not fully extended or retracted. And there is a locking device to prevent the retraction during the work and fully retracted when the state of the outstretched.

(3) The driver's cab is equipped with an indicator light for the position of the spreader feet, so that the vehicle cannot be started when the spreader feet are not retracted.

4)There are 2 supporting feet at the front and rear, and the supporting feet can guarantee the vehicle to work safely in the wind of grade 8 (20.7m/s), and keep stable in the wind of grade 12 (120km/h), and the safety coefficient of tipping over is 5.3.

Aircraft Passenger Steps for Airports Technical parameters

Lift height range of passenger elevator: 2400~5800mm

Platform size (L×W): 3300×2810mm

Size and number of steps: Sliding ladder (L×W×H): 285×1500×192mm, 12 steps;

Fixed ladder (L×W×H): 285×1500×192mm, 15 steps;

Maximum angle of inclination of the ladder body: 38.5°.

Minimum ground clearance: 200 mm

Outer diameter of passage circle: 18200 mm

Wheelbase :3400 mm

Front/rear wheelbase: 2000 mm

Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 7770mm×2400mm×3650mm

Vehicle mass: 6500kg

Rated load: (100 persons)

Load per step: 225kg (3 persons)

Front axle load: 3500kg (narrow platform), 3600 (wide platform)

Rear axle load: 3000kg (without canopy)

Maximum speed: 30km/h

Minimum stabilized speed: 0.5km/h

Range Small airports: 121km+61 trips

Large airports: 124km+60 times

Medium-sized airports: 124km+62 times

Drive motor power: 60kw

Total voltage 347.76V

Total energy storage power: Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, 60.16kwh

Temperature range: -35~65°C

Battery energy density 157.18wh/kg


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