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Jiangsu Tianyi currently has a number of Passenger Boarding Bridges

Jiangsu Tianyi currently has a number of Passenger Boarding Bridges

At present, Jiangsu Tianyi has a variety of boarding Bridges: rotary retractable boarding bridge, columnar boarding bridge and other aircraft boarding Bridges. As one of the domestic manufacturers that can produce hydraulic, electromechanical and hybrid drive boarding Bridges at the same time, the products can not only meet the requirements of various types of service models, but also adapt to different working conditions. The sidewalls are available in a variety of materials, including steel and glass. Can be customized, personalized requirements, can be attached to 400Hz starting power, aircraft air conditioning and visual guidance system (such as auxiliary equipment).

The rotary retractable boarding bridge is mainly composed of a rotating platform, an active channel, a lifting and walking mechanism, a service ladder and a pick-up port. It is the most widely used boarding bridge, and the rotating platform is the rotating center of the whole boarding bridge. Flexible layout, low requirements for the accuracy of aircraft parking, the active channel by two or three sections of the size of the channel socket, telescopic, the back end is connected with the rotating platform; The lifting and walking mechanism can drive the movable channel and the reception port to rotate or expand back and forth in the sector area centered on the rotating platform, and make the boarding bridge move from the berth bridge position to the aircraft door position through this composite movement of rotation and expansion. The reception port can be rotated left and right to adapt to the position of the aircraft door, and can be used for different station layout. The canopy at the front of the interface can be extended to the position of the aircraft fuselage to meet the requirements of round-the-clock service.


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