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Technical requirements for pipeline cleaning of electric bulk cargo loaders

Technical requirements for pipeline cleaning of electric bulk cargo loaders

1. Flushing flow rate: flushing flow rate depends on the diameter of the pipe, and adopts series mode to ensure that the oil flow in the pipeline becomes turbulent, and the flow rate of the oil flow in the pipe should be above 3m/s.

Second, the flushing pressure: the flushing pressure does not exceed 10MPa, generally 7MPa, depending on the diameter and length of the pipe.

Three, vibration: in the flushing process every 2-3 minutes with a wooden hammer from beginning to end for a beating, vibration. Focus on welding joints, flanges, reducing diameters, elbows and tees.

4. Detection: The pollution level at the end of the detection pipeline is not lower than grade 9 in the NASI683 standard.

Hydraulic system configuration table for electric bulk cargo loaders

Gear oil pump: CBWKA-F306-ALΦ10

Solenoid valve group: LMYA-JSTY5040JCSE-01

Lifting valve block: LMYA-JSTY5040JCS-02

Front lift cylinder: 100/60-630

Rear lift cylinder: 80/50-485

Support cylinder: 50/28-250 right port B

Two-way hydraulic lock: VBPDE 3/8 "/FL

Tee block assembly: JSTY580-STK

Motor drive: JS-250

Shuttle valve: FSS-D

Emergency motor pump: BH10-0007

Emergency hand pump: PM050S

Emergency control valve group: JSTY-KTYJ40.00

Steering gear: 1-50B/123018-A

Hydraulic pump: GHP2A-D-12-FG

Battery directional valve: DSG-01-2B2-D24-N1-51T

Hydraulic hose: one set


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