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Conveyor Belt Loader Overview of Baggage Conveyor Belt Loader

Conveyor Belt Loader Overview of Baggage Conveyor Belt Loader

Conveyor Belt Loader mainly consists of 800mm wide main frame, load bearing roller, driving roller, driven roller, follower roller, adjusting roller, driving motor, stopper, handrail and so on.

The front drive pulley is a rubber-coated pulley with a diameter of more than 200mm and a polyurethane rubber layer, which provides sufficient sassafras force and at the same time offers a long service life of up to 20 years. The rear end is the conveyor belt tensioning device, before and after up to 160mm of adjustment, making the conveyor belt easy to dismantle and maintenance.

Load-bearing roller for the thickening of well-known brand DEMA production, wall thickness of 2mm, before and after the two ends of the roller spacing is only 70mm, to ensure that loading and unloading of luggage is not smashed by the goods, the middle spacing of 180mm, to minimize the subsequent maintenance.

The conveyor belt is 700mm wide, 8mm thick, three-layer woven fabric NANG conveyor belt imported from Taiwan, stainless steel belt buckle imported from the U.S.A. There are two sets of conveyor belt guiding devices installed at the lower end of the conveyor frame to control the left and right offset in the front and back operation of the belt.

Hydraulic motor front drive system, transmission efficiency is 30% higher than rear drive system, 24 degree angle transmission of 1200kg goods, hydraulic system pressure is only 7Mpa, and the drive motor is not easy to slip. The motor is located under the belt, easy to install and subsequent maintenance.

Both sides of the conveyor are equipped with stainless steel guiding baffles with a height of 100mm to prevent the luggage from slipping out of the conveyor; the right baffle can be folded together with the handrail, and is lower than the conveyor surface after it is lowered. The height of the handrail when raised is 850mm.


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