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Medical Ambulift Double Scissor Lift

Medical Ambulift Double Scissor Lift

The double scissor lifting mechanism consists of a double scissor fork mechanism, which is connected to the upper bottom frame and the auxiliary beam frame respectively. The lifting and lowering of the double scissor lifting mechanism is realized by the expansion and contraction of a single hydraulic cylinder.

Medical Ambulift Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 9540 mm×2460 mm×3770 mm

Internal dimension of the compartment (L×W×H): 6350 mm×2200 mm×2100 mm

Telescopic platform telescopic distance: 600 mm

Traveling distance of moving platform: 600 mm

Height of front platform from the floor: 2500 mm-5800 mm.

Lifting height of the compartment from the floor: 1420-5800mm.

Rear platform height above ground: 50 mm-1420mm

Wheelbase: 5200 mm

Approach angle: 14°

Angle of Departure: 14

Outer diameter of passage circle: 20500mm

Overall weight: 11250kg

Maximum load capacity of compartment: 2500kg

Maximum load capacity of front platform: 1200kg

Maximum load capacity of rear platform: 500kg

Allowable working wind speed: Class 8

Maximum speed: 75 km/h

Maximum working pressure: 16 Mpa


  • Hang Kong Lu, Jian Hu Xian, Yan Cheng Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China
  • Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.