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Diesel Aircraft Garbage Vehicle Lifting Gantry Assembly

Diesel Aircraft Garbage Vehicle Lifting Gantry Assembly

The lifting frame consists of outer door frame, inner door frame, lifting frame, lifting cylinder, chain and altimeter, etc. Rollers are provided on the inner and outer door frames. The outer door frame is connected with the chassis base frame by pins, and the lifting frame is connected with the garbage compartment by pins. The lifting cylinder, as an actuating element, has rollers on both sides of the upper part, and the outer door frame is connected with the lifting frame by a roller chain. When the lifting cylinder carries out hydraulic action, the roller chain rolls on the rollers, at this time, the rollers are equivalent to the dynamic pulley, so as to realize the lifting and lowering of the compartment with 2 times of the cylinder stroke.

Diesel Aircraft Garbage Vehicle is suitable for A300, A310, A320, A330, A340, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777 and so on; the volume of the garbage box is 15.8m3; the rated load capacity is 1 ton; the box is tilted along with the platform elevation, so that the garbage can be dropped to the bottom in a smooth manner, and the work is carried out with the platform and the front end of the box articulated. The working platform is articulated with the front end of the box, and the swing arm is connected to the end of the inclined support beam with a tie rod, constituting a parallelogram mechanism. When the gantry is lifted and lowered, the box is flipped around the fixed axis on the inclined support beam, and the platform is rotated around the box, and is always kept parallel to the ground, thus ensuring the operation of the staff.


  • Hang Kong Lu, Jian Hu Xian, Yan Cheng Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China
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