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Ambulance Trucks selects Qingling 700P Class II chassis

Ambulance Trucks selects Qingling 700P Class II chassis

Qingling 700P Class II Chassis (QL1080A8PAY) is selected.

Engine Model: 4HK1-TC51

Maximum power: 141kw/2600/min

Maximum torque: 513Nm/1600r/min

Type: water-cooled, supercharged, intercooled, four-stroke diesel engine

Emission standard: National V standard

Transmission; forward six gears backward one gear

I: 6.720; II: 4.244; III: 2.580; IV: 1.540; V: 1.00; VI: 0.763; R:6.823

Adopt hydraulic power steering system.

Adopt double circuit hydraulic brake system.

Qingling QL1080A8PAY (700P) Type II automobile chassis with stable performance and beautiful appearance.

The vehicle cannot move when the platform is raised.

Half-head Ambulance Trucks are suitable for all kinds of airplane models with the height of airplane hatch between 1400~5800㎜, and serve for mobility-impaired passengers on boarding car and getting off the airplane.


  • Hang Kong Lu, Jian Hu Xian, Yan Cheng Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China
  • Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.