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TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (Electric Type) Towing Device

TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (Electric Type) Towing Device

The rear end of the vehicle should be installed with a tow bar attachment device. It should ensure that the combination and disengagement are safe and reliable, easy to operate, and should be equipped with an effective mechanism to prevent unhooking, and a mechanical locking mechanism with two hook positions for choice.

The driver can operate the towing device next to the driver's seat, or there can be other people outside the vehicle to operate the towing device.

It is fully guaranteed that the driver can directly and clearly visualize the rear hitch status when operating the towing device from the driver's seat.

Diameter of tow bar connecting pin: 38-47mm, set up to prevent the pin from running up and down to protect the device, and can meet the impact force of the full load mass.

TYLTD300 Luggage Tractor (Electric) Parameters

Overall length mm: 3200

Overall width mm : 1400

Overall height mm : 2000

Wheelbase mm : 1450

Total mass kg : 4000

Front axle load capacity kg : 1530

Rear axle load capacity kg: 2470

Max. travel speed (unladen/laden) km/h: 25/11

Maximum hook pull kN: 25

Rated hook pull kN: 12

Rated towing weight kg: 25000

Climbing degree (unladen) %: 35

Battery rating: IP67


  • Hang Kong Lu, Jian Hu Xian, Yan Cheng Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China
  • Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd.

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